"The space is created around distance, movement, and unmeasurability, and the eight exhibits are removed from the wall and hung in the air, allowing the viewer to walk freely through the paintings. The viewer walks freely through the paintings, wandering, spinning, and dodging, creating a subconscious sense of distance. The viewer dialogues with himself through a state of being embodied by the space and the artworks."

"On the contrary, the spirit must be eager, strong, sure, wise and restrained to make the body 'listen'. For me, the presentation of the body, the state of the spirit, is the object of my attention. For the works in this exhibition, I abstracted the torso of the body to highlight the presence of the body more. This is my body, and everything I have goes to 'him'."

" I try to look at and deconstruct myself, to establish a dialogue with the body from the perspective of the self. The body carries our connection to nature through its own ontogenesis. Too often, we seek external freedom and liberation by squeezing the body, ignoring its expression. The body has its own way of declaring its presence, either through discomfort, or injury, or illness, or through a state of being associated with the spirit."

Artist: Cai Chenglin

This exhibition is an exhibition of artist Cai Chenglin's "Down to the bone" series of works, and the curation and space creation of BAICAI revolves around the artist's "Down to the bone" series, telling the subtle relationship between human consciousness and body, creating an immersive experience space. The works in this exhibition are all traditional Chinese painting media, through the amplification of the contemporary human body with a sense of landscape and water, conveying a most direct reflection and an inward gaze.

Design: BAICAI Design
Video Production: Jinnian Images