"Chestnut Tower is a story, a story on stone, which revolves around many familiar subjects and constructs an interesting world from a new perspective, with classical subjects and contemporary language; ink, stone carvings and topiaries; on paper and stone , all these methods are about the story itself, the spoken language The language of the spoken word or the language of the written word is just "running water" here.

Not being able to own the river, he created a mirror, but never looked at himself.Memories are reflected above the surface of the water and imprinted between the rocks and mountains.Civilization is like a drop in the ocean.Dim but also shiny.History is but a repetition, each person is himself, but also has a thousand faces.The chaos is vast, rushing and winding, a sense of tracing the origin of the first steps towards civilization.How many stories can the river roll up in the muddy land?Mankind first confronted itself on the water."

"We need to express something, and this need is mysterious, why people have this need, I do not know, but we need to draw and say what is in our hearts and minds, and this phenomenon seems to be unexplained.

When I spend a lot of time describing this fictional, or once-existing, story, it is often no longer my intellect that is conceiving it, but my feelings and passions that are at work, and I find this to be an austerity to which I can only slowly adapt.

Everything in the story is a shortcut into the real world, and through them I can experience life again, they are like my close friends and family."

"Our experiences intersect, transform each other, and complement each other, so the stories are all figments of myself. Whether these stories live yesterday or today, whether they arise from my imagination, accompany my life or truncate my path as I live it, my compassion and understanding of them will increase the chances of contact with the real world.I hope this story of Chestnut Tower will feel sunken and solid, but not dark; sincere, but tasty."

- Jingxin Zhang- 

Artist: Zhang JingXin

Young artist, founder of Chestnut Tower Studio and brand.In 2012, she graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts with a major in Chinese painting and Liaoning University with a double bachelor's degree in Chinese.In 2016, she graduated from the School of Chinese Painting of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts with a master's degree.2019 Founded Lizi Tower Culture and Art Studio and brand, engaged in artistic creation, and now works and lives in Shenyang, Liaoning Province.

Design: BAICAI Design
Lead Designer: Kaiwen Zhao
Video Production: Jinnian Images