Flow Bar & Lab is a cocktail bar in Shenyang with exquisite taste. Flow is manifested as liquid and in motion. It embodies a transition between emotions; the air in and outside of the experimental space in a peaceful night. Through researching the brand, we pulled out the theme for the pop-up shop: NOISE.

Flow is a state, progressing, smooth, like a stream of conscious. It is something people see and people like to see. Meanwhile, there is noise at all times in the flow. Noise is restraint, adjustment; it is temporary, intermittent. On the surface it’s an antonym to Flow, where in reality, it is an essential part of it. We hope that in this space, there is critical thinking and a fearlessness that faces inwards and that we can reveal the core and essence beyond words. 

Every person looks for and finds themselves in “Noise” over and over again. The space represents a lab for the uncertain and the unknown. We marry the space, the art, and the shattered pieces of life. We dematerialize on this basis and use a giant black canvas to create the zone. 

The most intimate objects are the most unknown. We organize and lay out these collected objects (fragments of emotion) and let them grow untethered. 

All of these pieces and fragments are uniformly processed to be metallic, creating a sense of distance in the familiar. The surveillance is a peeping from inside the space, an examination from self. 

The metal and the black color are in intense collision that acts in concert with the surveilled state, constructing restless minds in uncertainty. We hoped to design a space with a strong foundation in its values, encouraging those who find themselves immersed to immediately sense the core that the design and the brand wish to communicate. 

Client: Flow Bar&Lab
Design: BAICAI Design
Photo Credit: Topia Vision