This project is a design of a loft apartment for an artist. It hopes to present life artistically and conceptualize habits into space. The design disassembles all the life functions and reconstructs. It digs down to the essence of the artists’ work and life, assembling an inclusive system of individual living. 

The loft is divided into two parts: the creative zone and the living zone. The creative zone is entirely objective whereas the living zone is wholly subjective. They sit in comfortable examination of each other.  

We built a space that resembles an ultimate art gallery. Everything inside makes up a big complicated “device” for living and behaviors for living leave traces everywhere. A line separates the different functions of the space, countering ultra-simplicity and ultra-complexity, creating tension in a small space. 

The “device” embodies the human behaviors that legitimize our existence and it “edits” the relationships between our actions.  The “device” is complex, abundant, and human. It is beyond definitions upon first glance but we understand through its rich details of usage. 

We use the different surface heights to define functions, providing various visual and spatial possibilities. The couch, the counter and the stairs are combined into one entity, connecting the floor, bed, and desk on the second floor through the spiral staircase. Secondly, we put five meters of void structure in the bathroom so that natural light makes its way in. Finally, the entire space is lit by one light tube that is controlled by sections. Through blurring and connecting between the floors, the layout personifies a revision of actions that make up a completed “device”. 

The completed project shows a space that is extremely individualized and intimate. It is quirky and free, as a vivid extension of the inhabitors’ life. 

Project Location: Shenyang, Liaoning Province
Design: BAICAI Design
Construction Company: Bo Sen Construction
Lighting Design: Zhijing Spatial
Area: 30sqm
Photo Credit: Topia Vision