This concept store is built for the pastry brand, LLd. The store is located in Mixx City, a mall in Anshan. We believe the core values of the brand to be of a humble mind and the endless evolution in simplicity. The brand strives for excellence in perpetuity over being an ephemeral novelty.

The core design principle is the idea of a Sweet Metropolitan. LLd encapsulates pastries of Anshan in the world, as well as pastries of the world in Anshan. The boundaries between cultures and regions mesh in this space. A kaleidoscope of high-quality ingredients bump and blend in the Sweet Metropolitan. 

Anshan, traditionally known for its steel production, is covered by an air of heavy industry. The design shows certain characteristics of the area with a light gray tone. The space pays respect to a certain classicism with steel and concrete, elevating tasty delicacies to the height of art, a metropolitan for tastebuds. Every bite of sweetness blossoms in elegance. 

We kept the wall and shed frame from the mall. In addition, we set in an installation of a giant ‘round theater’.

The stone floor rising and intertwining at different heights constructs the installation and tabletops. The traditional order and modern installation combined bestow the store a sense of stage, elegance and artistry. At the same time, the store stands out in the surrounding commercial design of the mall, presenting as a surprise, heightening the quality of the space in stark contrast. 

The ‘audience’, customers, would sit around the theater, facing towards the center. A showcase of the delicious desserts will be at the heart of the circle, becoming a ceremonious center for attention and sight. The design allows people to pause or flow through it, creating opportunities to interact and an experience for emersion. 

Project Location: Anshan, Liaoning Province
Design: BAICAI Design
Construction Company: Zhuo Mu Niao Construction
Lighting Design: Zhijing Spatial
Area:97 Sqm
Photo Credit: Topia Vision