This project by Baicai is a pop-up store built for a Japanese brand for outdoor clothing and gear, Snow Peak. The pop-up store will be in Mixx City, a mall in Shenyang, Liaoning for three months. It is the first pop-up store of the brand in the Northeast area of China. 

We use the Snow Peak’s way to create clothing, food, living, and playing to realize the true value of our lives. – Tohru Yamai  

Snow Peak, as a brand for outdoor and camping gear, is centered around connecting people to nature so that we can all be connected with each other. The pop-up store uses the core design idea of a temporary field. We hope that the store exudes an aura just like the brand and its products, that it can be flexible in its multifunctionalities and convey a certain warmth and texture of what nature brings. 

The space uses metal, similar to the design of the brand. We used the square tubes to build a network of shelving space. Considering that many of the products are displayed on hooks or platforms, we are able to manipulate the metal hooks, tubes, anti-corrosion planks to build a flexible and functional display that can change as the needs of sale change.

To best showcase the aura of nature in the space, we also built in soil and moss, where products can also be placed upon. We hope to present the products in their most natural and intentionally purposed states, connecting the customers to their realistic user experience, with the aroma of soil in the air. 

The island is a movable piece, bringing a sense of openness and freedom. It is structured with metal pieces, that correspond to the elements of the products. The plants on the top shelf echo the soul and values of the store. 

The final space presents with freedom, growth and in line with the Snow Peak way of life. 

Project Location: Shenyang, Liaoning Province
Design: BAICAI Design
Construction Company: Bo Sen Construction
Area: 60 sqm
Photo Credit: Topia Vision