This is amber, battling against time, especially under the winter sun, radiating a unique warmth. Each person bathed in that warm yellow often gazes at the afterglow, perhaps never having experienced it but living within it.

This exhibition showcases works by artists Sun Yiwen, Zhang Wen Zhi, and Zheng Wei. Additionally, local participants from Shenyang include the Shout Bookstore, Wonderland Club, and the Manchufeierzi band. The artworks search for their own domain within the space, leaving traces as words shuttle through, directly narrating the surreal and vibrant aspects of life. The space creates an intangible trace of a life lived, meticulously arranged yet not constituting a place of existence—absurd yet fitting. Perhaps, this is a manifestation of aftershocks, a miniature space containing the emotions battled against, resonating with a sense of unease within reason.

The dazzling characters on the stage reflect every ordinary person in life. We all live through similar days, breathing the same sighs in winter.

Curator: Yiwen Sun, Mengjiao Yang
Design: BAICAI Design
Artists: Xianjing Club, Manchufeierzi, Wenzhi Zhang, Wei Zheng, Yiwen Sun, Nahan Bookstore, Xinbin Dialogue.