Reshape Space is located within a shopping mall in the bustling area of Orchard Road in Singapore, serving as an offline composite space that combines fitness and education. It aims to create a youthful and vibrant learning space through strategic spatial planning.

In our floor plan, we have separated the fitness and training instruction spaces through the reception area at the entrance, allowing each space to function independently without disturbing the other. We analyzed the level of activity within the space and planned the layout through zoning methods to accommodate different uses.

We have dedicated the entire 180-degree corner floor-to-ceiling window area to the open learning zone, maximizing natural light and a sense of openness, which aligns more closely with the space's free and open orientation. The fitness area is located in the rectangular space to the left of the entrance. We have naturally planned out the equipment zone, the treadmill training area, and the free weight area based on the dimensions of all the equipment.

The spatial orientation is aimed at being youthful, vibrant, healthy, and growth-oriented. We have selected bright yellow as the dominant color, threading it through different spaces as a guiding motif. Yellow serves as the color for spatial floor guidance, aesthetic embellishments within the space, and is also integrated into the color scheme of the fitness equipment. Our hope is for the final presentation to be both distinctive and cohesive, creating a harmonious space for interaction and learning.

Project Location: Singapore

Area: 337 sqm

Design Company: Baicai