The Wedge Series furniture draws inspiration from the cues of traditional Chinese wooden structure furniture, exploring potential branches of evolution for traditional furniture in the present era. The primary research focus lies in the potential and inevitable impacts of force logic relationships, context, material properties, and structure on the transformation of furniture.

Traditional Chinese furniture is characterized by inseparable relationships between form, spirituality, and structure, blending with each other harmoniously. The shapes and many decorative modules derive from considerations of stability, material conservation, and the rational application of wood characteristics. In our design, we avoided the use of complex traditional mortise and tenon joints, opting for modern craft nodes to magnify this coexistence relationship and explore a possible continuation.

We exaggerate the most crucial structural nodes in each piece of furniture, using brass to craft these structural components, dramatically emphasizing the forces acting on the nodes and the overall framework relationship.

The entire set of furniture includes a leisure chair, a bench, a floor lamp, and a dressing table. All four products are objects that lean towards the periphery within the living space. We aim for the furniture to infuse a lifestyle into the space, providing an Oriental charm that radiates from within and engages in a dialogue with modern living spaces.