The project is a renovation and upgrade design for Bu Er Tavern at its original location. Bu Er is a wine tavern that has been operating in Shenyang for eight years, located near the bustling and lively Caita Night Market. Amidst the vibrant environment, it maintains a sense of tranquility.

The project is situated on the first floor of an old community building along Huiwu Street. Bu Er has been here since its opening, and the owner wishes to continue operating in a small yet refined manner. The most distinctive feature of the original space is its walls, which retain the writings left by guests over the past eight years. These writings include many blessings, messages, and stories. We hope to preserve this layer of memory in the future design, allowing the space to witness, collect, and create memories.

The project covers only 37 square meters and is divided into two rooms, front and back. The design concept for Bu Er Tavern by Baicai Design is: Time Capsule. We hope Bu Er can continue the memories of its eight years of operation and provide healing moments for both new and old customers.

Alcohol serves as the spiritual solace for countless souls, offering joy, forgetfulness, confession, and attraction. The shop has no signboard, subtly blending into the bustling market, aiming to surprise visitors the moment they step in. Bu Er Tavern is a capsule within the city, and the content of the space is the medicine you need.

We have incorporated an installation within the space: the Capsule Shell. We preserved the original walls and the writings on them as part of the space's memory. On this basis, we added a shell using installation techniques. Outside the shell, the original state of the walls remains, making people feel as if they are inside a capsule.

Upon entering the tavern, the front room serves as the bar area, while the back room is a more private seating area with booths. The design extends the curve of the capsule shell, connecting the two different spaces and creating a more layered experience.

We hope this space has an amber-like quality, encapsulating time like the city does. The color tone of the space presents a quiet immersion at midnight, with the small window at the entrance letting in the night, wrapping the night within the capsule and healing everyone.

Project Location:Shenyang, Liaoning
Design:BAICAI Design
Client:BU ER
Construction Company:YUFU Construction
Area:37 sqm
Built Year:2024
Photo Credit:Topia Vision