Born in the city of Shenyang, Fatface coffee is a local cafe representative of the niche culture. The brand values the quality of coffee, the power of concept and a positively rebellious attitude. Harboring a unique understanding of the regional coffee culture, our design incorporates these branding values into the interiority of the Pop-up shop.

Shenyang, a city of beer culture, from the atmosphere of the streets and alleys to the character of the people, the role of beer culture in the city and cultural fabric is intriguing, what role should coffee culture play in dialogue with it? How is beer culture and how is coffee culture? This flash store explores the existence and relationship between the two, using the means of installation and direct symbols to express the cultural hedge.

Considering the cost control and space tension corresponding to the short cycle of the flash store, we chose the modular beer crate set as the composition of all furniture. 

Through the unique structure of the beer crate set and the combination of custom panels, different possibilities of bar, seating, peripheral display, plumbing and electricity are realized.

We use a long bar composed of 300 box sets to define the happenings in the space and constitute the most direct spatial interaction experience. The complete body logic of the box set elements is achieved through the permeability of the glass countertop.  The design overturns the traditional layout logic by reversing the positions of baristas and guests, seemingly eliminating the space for face-to-face communication between guests, but actually directing the view to the window.All seats face the window view, strengthening the directionality of the space and highlighting the qualities of the gallery space itself.The final spatial presentation is inclusive and accurate, allowing one to explore an open proposition within a relaxed atmosphere.

Client: Fatface Coffee
Design: BAICAI Design
Area:86 Sqm
Photo Credit: Topia Vision