The character "川" represents stillness while implying movement. The Chuan Series liquor vessels are a set of vessels expressing Zen aesthetics, designed by Bai Cai. The series consists of a liquor pot and small liquor cups. The essence of the tipsy wanderer lies not in the liquor but in the mountains and rivers. It is precisely within the realm of mountains and rivers that we hope to convey the mood of the products, reflecting the ideal relationship between liquor and nature in Chinese culture. Though the vessels are small, we aim to manifest the vast and the minute, the uncertain quantity. The design emphasizes the balance between the momentary and the eternal, the static and the dynamic, and the functionality and the sense of ritual. Through human usage and perception, we seek to express reverence for the forces of nature.

The occurrence of "accidents" is an essential component leading to inevitability. Through extensive research and practice with clay, we unevenly knead clays with different humidity levels together, allowing them to dry partially before breaking them apart. This presents a cross-section resembling broken stones or mountainous landscapes. Simultaneously, the texture exhibits a dynamic beauty reminiscent of flying waterfalls or mist. In contrast to the remaining smooth curves, it fully embodies the beauty of a frozen moment. Using the slipcasting production method, the vessels become producible items that possess both warmth and texture.