Fatface 3.0 is a new shop for Fatface Coffee built by Cabbage design on Yunji Street, Shenyang. its pursuit of attitude and quality is rooted in brand values as a niche specialty coffee shop in Shenyang.It aims to create a local coffee atmosphere with urban culture.

Our design implants the brand value into the space, and proposes “one’s own rebel” as the main thread of the space, running through all design factors. Rebellion is often labeled pejoratively. In this era people are easy carried along by the tide. Perhaps one need a spontaneous, active rebellion in order to achieve one’s own realization. Being able to be oneself freely often constitutes the identity of a rebel, but after experience and understanding, still choosing to be a rebel who belongs only to oneself is a precipitation of persistence and courage.We hope to convey this attitude of the brand through the space.

The original building is a one-story extension at the corner of two old-fashioned residential buildings, with a building area of 50 square meters.We hope to reflect the positive and rebellious characteristics from both the architecture and the interior, making the small space full of content.We retained the original wall, and built a new volume from the inside as the store. The building itself is a growing force and an instantaneous state when it reaches the surrounding wall in the visual representation.It dialogues with its surroundings in a harmonious yet conflict way.The rebelliousness of the interior space is reflected in the flexibility of the space, while using simplicity to against complexity. From the logic of the floor plan, we follow a flexible, dismantling and changeable way to endow the space with diverse functions. Most importantly, it is a space that promotes interaction and communication.In order to create the ultimate expression of the space, we keep the decorations as minimal as possible, leaving only plain walls, making the compositional relationship in the space more vividly reflected. The minimalist space highlights the sloping windows, drawing visual attention to the contrasting image of the old building and the sky outside. At the same time, the beauty of materials and details is created through light and shadow.

Perhaps more important than how to face the challenges of the environment, is how to face the challenges of oneself. I hope this place can make people forget about the space and pay attention to its essential message, to convey uncompromising persistence, positive "rebellious" attitude, and the exploration of reasonable overthrow of some things in an unrestricted place.When the furniture in the space is gathered into an island as a whole, the 6-meter-long and 1.5-meter-wide countertop has an absolute visual impact, providing guests with a dramatic interactive experience.This model can be used for training, tasting and other small gathering events. At the same time, the space has curatorial capabilities, walls can serve small exhibitions from time to time. 

 When the furniture is scattered in the space, it can accommodate more customers and give guests better privacy than the first state.Regardless of the state, we have reserved a relatively large fixed bar area for baristas to operate and communicate with people, making the space a warm communication place.Comparing facing outside challenges, it is far more important to know how to face our own challenges. We hope this place can make people focus on the message of its essence.Convey uncompromising persistence, a positive rebellious attitude, and an exploration of possibilities in a free space.

Design : BAICAI Design
Client : Fatface Coffee
Constructor Company: RiverCam
Furniture Customization: RiverCam
Area:52 Sqm
Photo Credit: Topia Vision