"The world is full of treasures, and over time slowly will not be remembered. Like the untold stories carved on the walls, it is still difficult to solve the mystery. Nature is smart enough to capture these stories in its own way. After the wind and snow and the baptism of time, when presented before our eyes, we no longer dwell on the content, but only marvel at its enduring perseverance and be enchanted by its endless beauty.This series, wants to explore the connection between the past and the present. The experimental texture is used to imitate the past, and narrative words are used to speak. A series of undefined tones, like knocking over the artist's palette and misreading the eye. Some warmth, some solace.I asked myself what kind of materials the artisans of the time would have worn when painting, and how all the people invited to see these great works would have dressed. Denim, knit, silk, and patent leather were my imagination. With the purest silhouette for multiple scenes, and the most delicate details to pay tribute to those unknown artists from thousands of years ago. Moment is dynamic, it is a wave of wings, it is a cloud quickly crossing the moon, it is a light that lights up, it is a head that lowers and turns around. Eternity is existence, is the dirt from the earth, is the color of an era, is the sun will rise, is the past can not go back."

"The first impact on the viewer is like a door and a window as if the passage of a strange world, stretching the level of space, but also the meaningful symbol of entering the dream space. Through RUOHAN's depiction of the brand's new concept for fall/winter 2022, we extracted the instant and eternal closet as the theme of the exhibition design, and then we searched for the seemingly unrelated fragments such as steps, scales, curtains, warping boards, swings, and carpets, which were presented in a harmonious language in the space to form a dream world detached from reality.We wanted to show the neglected closet in life, to find the state of existence of clothes between the body and the closet. Clothes can be lazily placed on the back of chairs, piled on carpets, placed on countertops. 

These states of existence are the ubiquitous closet we want to capture. All the clothes in the space are lazily placed in the space, reflecting the "daily" existence of clothes, i.e. the closet of instant timelessness.RUOHAN is an everyday luxury womenswear brand established by Ruohan Nie in 2020. Focusing on exceptional fabrics, impeccable details, and precise tailoring, the brand would like to deliver a timeless wardrobe with subtle attitudes. In addition to selected retailers in China, the brand is also collaborating with showrooms and stores in Europe, the US, and Japan. RUOHAN was also featured and recognized in various media around the world including VOGUE China, VOGUE Italia, VOGUE Ukraine, WWD,Marie Claire China, Elle China, Harper’s Bazaar China, and Cosmopolitan China."

Design: BAICAI Design
Lead Designer: Kaiwen Zhao
Photo Credit: Topia Vision
Exhibition Period:2022/06/05-2022/07/06